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 Now available in Colchester and the surrounding community for portrait sessions, marketing shots & product photography at my in home studio

Call Diane at 860.334.5909

or email DCPontious@gmail.com

I'm Diane Pontious, a retired Law Enforcement Officer who turned my lifetime passion into a thriving photography business a little over 14 years ago. Today, I am a full time Professional Photographer with all the credentials, equipment, training, certificates, memberships that one needs to make yourself legitimate in this profession... ( Yawn ) With that said? None of this defines who I am as a person or explains why I would be a potential fit for your Project, Portrait Session, Event or Wedding.

Defining who I am as a Person first & Photographer second is the most crucial asset I have in my ability to exceed your vision & expectation.   A once in a lifetime event,  portraits that capture the true essence of who you are or documenting your convention from beginning to end, no matter how large or small your shoot it? ...is an investment in you, in your brand and in your future.    IT HAS VALUE... 

So... Why me? 

My soul matches the content of my character.

I pay attention and I truly "get it"  I am engaged in your investment and genuinely confident with my ability and style. I LOVE to learn and actively seek out new adventures and opportunity. I am approachable and personable with an innate sense of leadership, yet I can easily adapt to a team atmosphere, understanding the big picture for the greater good. I have a positive and authentic sense of humor that allows me the freedom to interact with anyone...and trust me, that is a freedom.  I believe that one of the greatest qualities a person can have is their ability to communicate effectively and to be at ease with themselves and the people around them. I am steady. I am dependable. I am flexible. I see things around me everyday and in every event I capture. The subtle cue of an emotion, a movement or signal or  your branding captured in detail, weaved into images in ways you never thought you would see  < If you're in marketing or meeting planning insert " Hallelujah" here > I also provide my clients with  rapid turn around times that are vitally important in this industry.  Lastly, my site is designed for convenience!  Download your entire gallery at once, share, comment, order images, create albums... EVERYTHING is here, right at your fingertips! 

I would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your vision and needs. In the meantime browse around and discover more of who I am through my online portfolio.

Whatever you do? Make it Epic!


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