I'm just going to dive right in here and tell you what's on my mind when I think of going to work every day as a full time Photographer... 

It's the beauty of light and the warmth it creates that catches my soul on fire.  

Its interacting with a family and producing an image for them that I know will hang in their home, year after year.


It's taking that one shot you've been waiting hours at a wedding to take... then knowing you nailed it ! It's the joy in presenting them with images that they will have for a lifetime. 

It's being there, day and night...watching where the light will fall at different times of the year. How the sun will hit the shore and waiting for that perfect golden hour to finally click the shutter. 

I am experienced in Events of any size and have worked with hundreds of companies shooting small dinner meetings and marketing headshots to full scale galas with thousands of guests 

I also shoot all kinds of Sporting Events from Basketball to Volleyball, Bull Riding to Go-Karts. 

In my personal life, I grew up along the Connecticut shoreline, where my family still lives. I have 2 four legged babies named Mulligan ( A golden retriever ) and Zoey ( a doodle )  I'm happiest outside and believe that I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. I'm a Red Sox Fan through & through, I love my coffee! Paddle board, bike, hike, play in the yard, and of course...wait for the golden hour.  

Questions?  I'm always available to answer prior to asking for a quote.  So go right ahead and ...