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I've been observing... from the moment I opened my eyes.  I've always seen things in a unique way, with the eye of an artist...the detail, reflection, position, the curve in a landscape, the color of the light. It sure helped that my Dad was also an Artist and from day one there was either a camera or some type of the latest movie making technology covering our families every move as if our family was the Big Event! To him, it surely was. Our family is blessed to have such detailed images of our lives.

With that said, I went into Law Enforcement when I was 18 & and after 20 years of service I retired in 2008 . When I tell people that becoming a full time Photographer was an easy transition to make? Most will laugh.  After all, Law Enforcement isn't exactly known to be an expression of passion and creativity.  So I get it.

Being born with the eye of an Artist was a huge bonus in Law Enforcement because I was a natural observer, so for 20 years I practiced this skill into perfection.   I learned to communicate and negotiate. I learned leadership skills and how to direct people. I Always listened first, evaluated the circumstance and quickly made a decision that would insure the best possible result.  

Observations - Awareness - Communication - Action.

Skill comes with Experience & I've been weaving my way up and down The East Coast for 2 decades . I've had the opportunity to work with Baseball Teams, like The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. I've Photographed Winefest in New York City, South Beach & Las Vegas. I've managed entire teams of Photographers to perfectly execute large scale events with Thousands in attendance. Concerts, Weddings, Marketing Headshots for entire companies. You name it, I've been there keeping up to date with all the latest technology and streamlining my workflow to get images to your company quicker than anyone around. 

In my spare time I also shoot Small Weddings, Intimate Gathering, Couples and of course... The Family Pet !